Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Microsoft Windows 10 Growth Staggers Amid Efforts

The growth of Windows 10 upgrade installation goes down amid efforts by the company.

The previous month, Microsoft Corporation came with a recommended update for Windows 10 instead of an optional one. The move was expected to bolster the rate of activations and installations since all those users who had not configured their PCs to block out the updates would find the system ready for the upgrade. Sadly, as per the data observed, the company’s effort to spur in a change might have not proved fruitful since it did not get the same impact it initially anticipated.
Three distinct vendors who are devoted to the tracking of the operating system market share have claimed that the adoption rate of Windows 10 is going down on a steady pace as per the reports by Computerworld. As per the Net Application reports, the adoption rate of Windows 10 is 14.2% on devices which is a mere 1.1% increase.
According to the metrics by Computerworld, the software giant has only managed to breach the installation mark with 200 million responses of the Windows 10- the company claimed to have reached this point in January. This is not actually bad news since Windows 10 is doing better than the accumulative performance of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.
Other than that, StatCounter, an Ireland based company claims that the Windows 10 has improved by 14.9% of the total market. This is a 1.2% increase in contrast to the previous month. The issue which the company is encountering is that there are few systems that are willing to take on the free upgrade initiative by Microsoft.
There are numerous ways to interpret this data; first and foremost, Microsoft has not come up with the ability to bolster Windows 10, through a recommended update. Thus it now seems possible that the company is still experimenting with its ability. Thus by coming up with a limited launch of the service before it is deployed completely. So if this holds any weightage, the adoption rate of the platform will bolster in the times to come.
Some of the users are likely to miss on the update by considering it illegitimate. Some might not come across it since their system does not support automatic updates and some might just skip it as per their will since they are not content with Windows 10 on the whole. However, even if the stats collected are taken by considering the generous percentages on every group, it still cannot be compared to the total installation base of the PC market.
The goal by Microsoft to get a billion devices that run Windows 10 is actually quite ambitious for them considering how they have been performing. The company might be successful in achieving its goal over the passage of time but it might just have to prolong its free Windows upgrade bet or come up with better incentives that force consumers to support their stance. A good platform to start with the initiative is by offering Xbox Live and or Free Office to all those who opt for the installing the upgrade.

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